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Newsletter 1969/70 Season


1969/70 Season


Ottawa Guitar Society



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The newsletter of the Ottawa Guitar Society will be published from time to time in order to inform members and others of events of interest to guitarists in the Ottawa area, and to remind them of the programs planned by the Society.
Program for 1969-72 December 7, 1969, 2:30 P.M. Ed Honeywell has agreed to do a
special concert of classical and flamenco music for the society; the program will be different from that of Ed's Noverber 23rd concert at the National Gallery (see below). True to limitations of space, membership card-holders are asked to bring at most one guest; your card must be presented at the door. Admission: 50¢ per person. Auditorium of the Physics-Mathematics building, University of Ottawa, 375 Nicholas St.
(enter campus from Somerset St. East)
December or January
Students' Concert. Guitar teachers in the area have been invited to enter their students in this concert of classical, flamenco, folk and jazz guitar. The general public is invited. The admission charge of 50¢ per person will be used to fund a prize which will be offered in the guitar competition at the Ottawa Music Festival next spring.
Time and place will be communicated to members as soon as definite arrangements have been made.
January 18, 1970, 8:30 P.M. Guitar Construction Workshop.
The Society is attempting to get Mr. Patt Lister, of Collingwood, Ont., to come to Ottawa for this session. Mr. Lister, an experienced guitar builder, was recently featured by CBC television on one of its "Telescope" programs. Auditorium of the National Research Council,
Sussex Drive.
February 22, 1970. Concert by Liona Boyd, of Toronto.
March 22, 1990. Concert by Martin Polten, of Toronto.

April 19, 1970. Concert by members of the Ottawa Guitar Society.
May 11, 1970. Annual General Meeting. Members will be informed of the locations and times of these events as soon as definite arrangements have been made.

Other Events of Interest to Guitarists
November 19, 1969, 3:30 P.M. Buffy Ste. Marie, Opera House, National Arts Centre.
November 19 to, 1969: 9:00 P.M. Susan Hoover, Le Hibou
November 23, 1969. Concert by Ed Honeywell, at the National Gallery of Canada, Elgin St. Check one of the local papers for exact time.
December 6, 1969, 8:30 P.M. Deller Consort, with Descond Dupré lutenist. Alumni Theatre of Carleton Univ.
January 15, 1970. Andrés Segvia plays with the Toronto Symphony, in Toronto.
January 21, 1970, 8:30 P.M. University of Manitoba Consort playing historical musical instruments (including lutes). Alumni Theatre of Carleton University.
March 8, 1970, Julian Bream concert at Massey Hall, Toronto
April 4, 1970. Concert by Oscar Chiglia, in Toronto, sponsored by the Toronto Guitar Society.

Officers the Ottawa Guitar Society
We take this opportunity of listing the executive of this O.G.S., so that anyone who has any questions can contact the appropriate person.
President: David Johnstone,
286 Molnwood Ave.,
Secretary: Michael Maclean,
17 Roche Pl.,
Treasurer: Garfield Clack,
356 Hinton Ave,
In addition, there are on the executive four members who are chairmen of as yet non-existent committees. All of the four people below are sorely in need of help from the general membership, and anyone who would like to serve on one of their committees is urged to get in touch with the individual concerned.
For example, while the program for 1969-70 is now more or less complete, many details have yet to be worked out, and assistance is required to accomplish this. Ideas and suggestions for further events would also be welcomed.
Membership: John Parsons,
125 Stewart St., Apt. 308,
Program: Colin Everett,
429 Main St,
Publications: Robert Smith,
2391 Virginia Dr.,
Publicity: Robert Sabourin,
103 First Ave.,
The Ottawa Gultar Quarterly
The major publication project of the O.G.S. will be the “Ottawa Guitar Quarterly", the first issue of which is planned for January, 1970. Articles, news, and letters to the editor, in French or in English, are solicited, as is music for the guitar (either original music or new arrangements). We have as yet no contributions concerning folk guitar or jazz guitar, so that these are urgently required. The deadline for contributions to the January issue is December 15. Any suggestions or voluntary assistance would again be most welcome - please contact the editor, Bob Smith, at 731-6068,
Guitar-Making Course
There is a possibility that the Society's program to aid and encourage guitar-making may get off to a quick start. Response to the brief discussion of guitar-making at our meeting in October was very positive. On the strength of this, we approached the Ottawa Collegiate Institute Board to discuss the feasibility of organized evening classes.
The adult education division is now assessing the available workshop facilities with the idea of starting a course in January, Fifteen registrations would be required to begin a fifteen-week course (one evening a week for three hours) at an enrolment fee of about $15 per person. The course would be a practical one, with individuals working at their own pace with advice and assistance from an experienced guitar maker. Carpenters' and specialized tools would be provided, but the class members would be responsible for purchasing their own woods and other parts. The outlay on these materials would vary with the source and the quality, but would normally be within the range of $50 to $100.
It is possible that, by doing some of the work at home, some class members might be able to substantially complete a guitar by the end of the course. For the majority - depending on sufficient demand - a continuation course would be conducted after a break during the summer.
It would be appreciated if those members (or friends of members) who would be interested in registering for a course as outlined would please contact Garfield Clack at 356 Hinton Ave., Ottawa 3 (728-7970) as soon as possible. If there is sufficient response, and the course arrangements become firm, it should be possible to meet to consult catalogues and to order materials so that construction could get off to a rapid start when the course begins.

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